Frequently Asked Questions (updated continually as we get more questions)

Administrative (Billing & Erate)


What is the status of this project?

The original project was completed in June of 2021. While we continue to add new and WAN sites, the original sites have been completed.   

How was the FIBER10 network designed and how does it work?

The FIBER10 network was designed by a team of experts experienced in the design and implementation of large scale global networks. FIBER10 utilizes Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) to transport network traffic across hundreds of miles of new fiber.  There are multiple fiber rings that begin and end at Infomart (1950 Stemmons) in Dallas. The network is resilient on all of the rings with sub 50ms failover in the event of a fiber cut. Resiliency like this is not even offered by big name ISPs.

Each circuit is meticulously tested for connectivity and signal strength tolerances utilizing OTDR and Power Meter testing before any equipment is placed in-line. The FIBER10 network core is located at Infomart where the network and member districts benefit from the following:

How much Bandwidth does FIBER10 offer? What if I can’t do 10Gb?

What handoffs are available to the district in this solution?

What is FIBER10’s Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

What are the requirements and expectations for each district?

Rack Space

Environmental / HVAC

How much rack / wall space will be required at each location?  Will we utilize existing district racks, new racks or cabinets provided by Zayo, etc?

What equipment will be installed at my district?