Support Process

Zayo monitors its equipment and its network 24x7x365. In addition, they proactively identify network faults and associated customer services. Nevertheless, should an issue arise, the following support process has been established in order to provide a layered approach for support from both Zayo and Region 10 (if needed). There are several ways of contacting Zayo here (including chat) but here is the quickest:

zayo Contact Details:

If you are experiencing service difficulty, please call Zayo’s Network Control Center at:

1-866-236-2824 and select options:

1,1, 3 for IP (Layer 2 or 3 related issues)

1,1, 6 for Private Network Services (Fiber Issues).

Please have one of your circuit ID's or site address ready. It should be listed in the Service Activation Notice email that was sent out when the site was onboarded. Please contact [email protected] if you need assistance locating this information.


ETYX/250215/XXX/ZYO - Layer 1 and 2 Ethernet Circuit ID

IPYX/241108/XXX/ZYO - Layer 3 IP Circuit ID (on the Service Activation Notice)

Any of these can be cross referenced back to your site as well as your site address you are calling about.

Region 10 will automatically be copied.

You can also contact Region 10

FIBER 10 email support: [email protected]

Escalation lists

Service Management > IP Services > US & Europe

  • Level 01 Escalation - If you are escalating any issue, please include Region 10 as well: [email protected]

  • Level 02 Escalation

  • Level 03 Escalation

  • Level 04 Escalation

  • Level 05 Escalation

    • Sheily Mali Director, Enterprise TAC
      [email protected]
      905-361-6075 (Office) 416-458-1130 (Mobile)

  • Level 06 Escalation

  • Level 07 Escalation

    • Michael Sharpe SVP, Network Operations
      [email protected]
      303-414-4048 (Office) 303-217-3399 (Mobile)


Zayo ISP Looking Glass: