Why Build a Regional Network?

  • Create a reliable and resilient, carrier-class fiber infrastructure for all districts in Region 10

  • A cost effective, future-proof, and scalable network capable of long-term growth - bandwidth is no longer an issue

  • Increased bandwidth provides the ESC and individual districts the opportunity to provide additional services directly to other districts over the consortium’s private circuits

  • Consortium buying power to layer optional services such as DDOS, firewall, web filtering, VoIP, etc - What else can we do?

  • Provide high-speed buildout to rural areas - all districts have equitable access

  • Provides opportunity for districts to partner with the ESC or other districts to share additional services directly over the consortium’s private circuits

Why Build Now?

Building a dedicated fiber network is expensive, however…

  • Texas State Matching funds from Classroom Connectivity Initiative

    • $25 million state match - 10% of fiber construction costs (available for FY 18)

    • E-rate Program chips in another 10% to equal the state match (available for FY 18)

    • Consortium E-rate discount is 71%

    • Consortium only pays 9% of fiber buildout costs

  • Allows most cost effective creation of the network for Region 10 districts and charters

Why the consortium model?

  • Cost effective - leverage size of consortium to drive down costs

    • Buying from Costco instead of a convenience store

  • Additional capabilities not generally available to individual district or charter

    • Active DDOS Mitigation

    • Direct connections to Amazon, Microsoft, Google, State testing providers and other statewide education networks

  • This is YOUR network - dedicated fiber - not shared

  • Reliable and resilient carrier class optical network with 10 Gig connections to each district

  • Cost savings per MB to ISD’s

  • Opens doors to future initiatives: wireless networks where students have Internet Access from home

  • Single Support point

  • Region 10, as the fiscal agent, takes care of all E-Rate responsibilities related to your network circuit